Palaeo proteomics


We are funded by a Danish National Research Foundation Niels Bohr Professorship award (DNRF128 PROTEIOS) to Prof. Tom Gilbert’s until September 2021

Our group is centred around offices in Tom's Evogenomics section and has two group leaders Enrico Cappellini and Matthew Collins. We work closley with Archaeogeneticist Hannes Schoeder who is based with us and with whom share a number of PhD students

The group seeks to build from a fundamental understanding of protein decomposition mechanisms in order to apply methods from deep time to historical material culture

Collaboration with Jesper Olsen (CPR) is improving sample handling and increase the range of proteins identified, enabling us to explore the potential for quantitative proteomics as a foil to assessments of gene expression. To achieve these goals my research group revolves around four themes are defined. Three research themes - underpinned by a cross-cutting project on biomolecular survival and extraction - will integrate and enhance specific current research strengths in Denmark both at the level of the host institute, and across four other research centres at UCPH.