Christian Carøe


Christian Carøe is a molecular biologist from Copenhagen, who has specialized in methodology for nucleic acid sequencing with a focus on metagenomics, ancient DNA, and environmental DNA. Christian Graduated from the university of Copenhagen in 2013 with a master in biology and soon hereafter started a PhD at center for biological sequence analysis at the technical university of Denmark studying the application of molecular and atomic methods to historical samples of wine and beer. Christian received his PhD in 2016 and after a few years as an independent consultant within next generation sequencing, he returned to university to work on microbial interactions in food, before starting his current position on the Archives project. In this project, the main goal is to uncover the possibilities of extracting biomolecules – mainly DNA and protein - from old beeswax to study honey bee biology back in time.


Christians research has since his PhD focused on extraction and analysis of biomolecules (DNA, RNA and protein) from ancient and modern sources; from Pleistocene mammals and domesticated plants to the microbial communities in cheese, wine and beer. A main driver in the research is the motivation for improvement and optimization of techniques to recover and reconstruct historical and ancient genomes from decreasing sample amounts. Current focus is on recovering biomolecules from beeswax and through a proteogenomics approach to improve reconstruction of past biological systems.