Ismael Rodriguez Palomo


I obtained my BSc in Biotechnology in the Technical University of Madrid and I’m currently doing the thesis for the MSc in Bioinformatics at KU.

My research interests include machine learning, transcriptomics and structural bioinformatics. During the Master’s degree I worked on several projects related to transcriptomics and systems biology. Then I also did a short project on aDNA which introduced me to Palaeomics.


The aim of my thesis involves the study of patterns of damage in proteins in order to extend previous work and assign and authenticate archaeological age to samples using computational and statistical methods. To do this we will analyze, using MaxQuant, the post-translational modifications (PTMs) of a large number of samples whose age and provenance is known, which will serve as training data."


Department of Biomedical Sciences

Blegdamsvej 3

2200 København N

Office: 7.9