Liam Thomas Lanigan,


With a background in bioarchaeology and palaeopathology, my interests are answering questions related to human health and disease in past populations, and how biomolecules can inform us on the processes not visible at the macroscopic scale. I have a BSc in Archaeology Honours and MSc in Skeletal and Dental Bioarchaeology. Before various research assistant positions at EvoGenomics, I conducted fieldwork and bioarchaeological research in Iceland, The United Kingdom, Romania, Canada, and Denmark.


I have recently started a PhD position co-supervised by Hannes Schroeder, Matthew Collins, and Tom Gilbert funded by both the Carlsberg Foundation and DNRF. I am interested in combining palaeopathology and palaeodemographic data with a combined -omics approach to understand disease in the past. Having worked on method development previously, such as multi-enzyme digestions for enhanced palaeoproteomic coverage, I hope to continue with this path initially. I then hope to use these refined techniques to investigate my main topics of research including oral health and microbiology, and infectious disease, in order to place them within a wider palaeoepidemiological framework.


Liam Thomas Lanigan

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