Matthew Collins


Proteios Core Team

Nasim Hezaveh

Project Coordinator 

Copenhagen: Lab Manager and Assiatnt

Max Ramsøe

 Lab manager

Copenhagen: Associate/Assistant Professors

 Associate Professor 

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor

Copenhagen: Postdoctoral Fellows

B2C Research Fellow

(Royal Library)

ArcHives Research Fellow 

B2C Research Fellow

Marie Curie Fellowship 

ArcHives Research Fellow

ArcHives Research Fellow

B2C Research Fellow

Fondation Fyssen postdoc

Copenhagen Students and assistants

DNRF & Carlsberg PhD

ChemArch PhD

ChemArch PhD

Yan Yung

ChemArch PhD


Core Team

Biomolecular Technician 

Cambridge Postdoctoral Fellows

MSC Research Fellow

BA Research Fellow

B2C Postdoctoral Researcher

British Academy Newton International Fellow

Cambridge Students

Zoology/Copenhagen PhD 

Cambridge International Scholarship PhD 

Cambridge Australia Newnham Scholar PhD 

Co Supervised PhDs

Erin Keenan Early 

PhD  Student University of Texas, Austin

Lena Strid

PhD Student Lund

Sam Johns

PhD Student B2C, Bristol

PhD Student 

PhD Student 

B2C Professors

Former Visitors

Università degli Studi di Torino

Sheffield Summer Visitor

North Western

Associate Professor and Director of Institute of Textile Conservation at the Zhejiang Sci-Tec University.

B2C Research Fellow


(Trinity College) Visitor

Ross MacPhee

American Museum of Natural History