Collins Research Group

Palaeoproteomics | Matthew Collins group

Two major projects Beast to Craft and ArcHives focus on the application of molecular methods to historical material culture.

Our research into patterns of protein diagenesis (Nair with MATH’s Carsten Wuif; Fonseca with Colin Freeman Sheffield) will improve the targeting of samples. Collaboration with Susan Stipp (DTU) and Karina Sand (KU) will help us understand our new findings on exceptionally old sequences proteins and may shed a light of specific protein regions controlling mineral formation.

Our group is also advancing ZooMS a method we developed for rapid identification of archaeological bone. We are seeking to make this more widely accessible to both academic and commercial archaeology, and we are a centre for establishing a global network for international collaboration in this method, helped by the fact that all the leading centres are lead by former PhD or PDRAs from our group.