2019 Summer Interns

Ruairidh Macleod

Ruairidh (pronounced just as 'Rory') is a third year stduent, shortly to graduate, studying biological anthropology and archaeological sciences at Homerton College, Cambridge.

"I'm originally from Scotland (hence the overly-engineered name), and grew up mostly in a small town in the middle called Bridge of Allan. I went to a specialist music school before university, and play the violin. I'm quite into caving and speleology-type stuff, as well as being generally moderately outdoors-y. I also quite like going for long bicycle rides when I'm able to. Am pescetarian. I also like trilobites."

His project is on Protein quantification of ancient samples

Marida Ianni-Ravn

Marida, an Italo-Danish-British 2nd year Natural Scientist at King’s College, Cambridge. One could claim that the reason I study Biology is that I never got over my childhood obsession with dinosaurs... When I’m not pipetting, you can probably find me painting oil portraits, running long distance or playing volleyball. My summer project is on Using tooth proteins to identify hybrid horses

Kelvir Thandi

I am currently a second-year student at the University of Cambridge studying Natural Sciences. I am looking to specialise in Biochemistry in my third year and have a particular interest in biomolecular interactions.

Over the summer I will be working as an intern looking at a protocol to extract DNA and protein simultaneously for downstream analysis. I will be comparing the protocol against traditional single extractions of protein and DNA and trying to optimise the yield of a combined extraction.

I am a second-year graduate student in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

My research is focused on the search for life on Mars, biomarker preservation, and the origins of life on Earth. My summer project is focused on understanding fundamental soft tissue preservation mechanisms in the geologic record using Holocene-age (6,000 - 13,000 years old) fish