The idea behind the research group is to help Denmark maintain its leading position in ancient biomolecular research, by integrating my research on ancient proteins with the world-leading research into ancient genomics at Centre for GeoGenetics and the Evogenomics section of the Natural History Museum. My group's research goals are to:-

  • advance our understanding of the survival of proteins in order to recover ancient sequence and ancient proteomes
  • provide humanities scholars with access to state of art analytical research with which they could ask meaningful research questions of material culture.

I intend that my research group will have lasting impact in Denmark by

  • combining genomic and proteomic data to understand diagenesis - improving methods of extraction, understanding limits to survival and discovering new sources of biomolecular information,
  • building new bridges between the sciences and the humanities via visits from leading researchers, and joint research initiatives such as my work on parchment (which places my B2C postdocs in the Centre for Textile Research, the Arnamagnæan Institute and the Royal Library).
  • developing new international training initiatives - although so far all attempts to develop a taught course have been frustrated.