Tianyi Wang王天一

CSC-Cambridge Trust PhD student, University of Cambridge


Tianyi Wang is a PhD student from the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Dr. Piers Mitchell and Prof. Matthew Collins. After finishing his undergraduate study in archaeology from Jilin University, China, he proceeded to the Australian National University for his Master research (supervised by Prof. Marc Oxenham), where he was awarded an academic excellence scholarship.

His current project – fully funded by CSC-Cambridge Trust International Scholarship – focuses on studying how one’s lifestyle may have impacted risk of parasite infections in medieval Europe. He is currently exploring how diseases in past societies may have left evidence in skeletal remains. He is also an active amateur boxer competing at national levels.

Selected publications

Wang, T. et al., 2022, Analysis of Mineralised Concretions from Pottery at the Grace Bath House for Intestinal Parasite Eggs, Mouseion, Series III, 18:500-503.

Wang, T. & Mitchell, PD, 2022, Liver Fluke Infection Throughout Human Evolution, Gastro Hep Adv, Vol. 1, Iss. 4, P500-507.

Wang, T. et al., 2022, Palaeoepidemiology of cribra orbitalia: Insights from early seven millennium BP Con Co Ngua, Vietnam, accepted by American Journal of Biological Anthropology.

Wang, T. et al., 2022, Intestinal parasite infection in the Augustinian friars and general population of medieval Cambridge, UK, International Journal of Palaeopathology, Vol. 39, pp. 115-121.







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