Bing Wang


Dr. Bing Wang is an Associate Professor and Director of Institute of Textile Conservation at the Zhejiang Sci-Tec University. He obtained a doctorate degree in polymer materials from Zhejiang University in 2012, and then joined Zhejiang Sci-Tech University to engage in the research of textile relics (silk, wool, cotton, hemp and leather), especially on ancient silk.


Dr. Bing Wang's work mainly includes the following aspects: 1) conservation of textile relics, including uncovering, cleaning, sterilization and consolidation; 2) using new techniques such as immunoassays and proteomics to study the species, aging mechanism, origin and evolution of ancient silk and other animal fibres; 3) development of on-site rapid assay kits and devices for ancient proteins and humidity controlling materials for textile preventive protection.


Dr. Wang has published more than 60 papers and an academic monograph entitled "Key Technologies for Cognition of the Scientific Value of Textile Fibres in Ancient Times". In addition, he also holds more than 50 invention patents, some of which have been commercialized.