Jose Samaniego Castruita


I am a bioinformatician with a background in Genomics. I graduated from UNAM in Mexico with a BSc in Genomic Sciences working with ancient and modern DNA sequencing of different species. I continued my education with a PhD in Evolutionary Genomics at University of Copenhagen working with population genetics; phylogenomics and pipeline development.


I am a shared Postdoc at Eline Lorenzen's group and Matthew Collins' group. As a bioinformatician in the Matthews' group I have been focusing in database creation and method development. I am also involved doing population genetics in polar bears as part of Eline's group.


Jose Samaniego Castruita


Centre for EvoGenomics

The National Museum of Natural History

Øster Farimagsgade 5, Bygn. 7, Room 7.206, 1353 Copenhagen