Max Ramsøe


Max Ramsøe is a molecular biologist from Copenhagen that specialises in method development. His background is in biology with a BSc in microbiology from UCPH and a MSc in molecular biology and genetics from UCPH. His bachelor project focussed on horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic resistance in soil and wastewater. His master thesis was on utilising the novel protein scaffold SunTag to study Rev3 in live DT40 cell lines. Following his masters Max joined Tom Gilbert at the Globe institute to work on the Foodtranscriptomics project as a research assistant, here he studied the microbial interaction throughout a cheese production process and helped develop techniques to recover DNA and RNA. Since then Max has joined the Palaeo proteomics group where he fulfils various roles, his Primarily work is on the ArcHives project where he works on recovering biomolecules from old beeswax, Max also spends a significant amount of time teaching guests and students while managing the protein labs for Matthew collins.


Max's research is primarily focused on method development in relation to the extraction and analysis of biomolecules (DNA, RNA, and Protein) from various sources. His main driver is improving the techniques and methods used in the lab to support the recovery of biomolecules from historic and ancient samples of differing quality, to answer yet unanswered questions.

Aside from his research Max also takes on a supporting role where he manages the protein lab as well as supervises guests and new students joining the group in the capacity as a Lab Manager.