doctoral training to create the next generation of artefact scientists

ChemArch: doctoral training to create the next generation of artefact scientists

An International Doctoral Training Network

15 interlinked full funded PhD Projects on the chemistry and molecular biology of prehistoric artefacts

Double degree between 4 participating institutions and involving 20 project partners

ChemArch is recruiting now (How to apply)

1. Examining the representation of wooden artefacts in prehistoric archaeological assemblages (York/Nice) APPLY NOW

2. Recovering proteins from prehistoric pottery using immunological and proteomic approaches (Nice/Copenhagen) APPLY NOW

3. Preservation of DNA in tars and resins associated with artefacts (Copenhagen/York) APPLY NOW

4. Protein survival in charred ‘foodcrusts’: insights into Mesolithic container technology (York/Copenhagen) APPLY NOW

5. Blood from Stone: utilising novel extraction techniques for the removal of tightly bound molecules from mineral surface (Copenhagen/York) APPLY NOW

6. Exploring the function of grinding stones using old and new methods (York/Copenhagen ) APPLY NOW

7. Tracking cereal processing in Neolithic pottery (York/Barcelona) APPLY NOW

8. Chemical analysis of stone cooking technologies (Barcelona/Nice) APPLY NOW

9. Exploring the artefactual record of feasting during the Orcadian Late Neolithic (York/Nice) APPLY NOW

10. Genetic evidence for artefacts associated with prehistoric wine (Copenhagen/York) APPLY NOW

11. Exploring the function of hearths through biomolecular approaches (Nice/York) APPLY NOW

12. From ideology to economy: unveiling the taxonomic origin of animal bone artefacts with palaeoproteomic analysis (Barcelona/Copenhagen) APPLY NOW

13. Tracking adhesive technologies from the Late Glacial to Early Holocene (Nice/York/British Museum) APPLY NOW

14. Nature and function of plant based artefacts (Barcelona/Nice) APPLY NOW

15. Developing the application of hydrogen isotope analysis (δD) to determine artefact function and provenance (Barcelona/York) APPLY NOW